The European Parliament may seem remote from our everyday lives but it is a critical player in the decisions that shape our world. Alongside the Council of the EU, it jointly determines European laws and expenditures, 80% of the laws that affect our climate and environment are decided at an EU level.

Why this year is crucial?
This year 2 billion people will take to the polls across the globe, 400 million of them eligible European citizens. This is the biggest year for democracy ever, and everything is on the line. We are reaching many of the earth's tipping points faster than expected, racing towards climate and environmental breakdown. 

Voting in representatives who will progress the EU Green Deal, and adopt policies that bring about a just transition will secure a better future, both on the mountain and in our everyday lives. With the right people in power, the next EU Commission could facilitate green jobs, maximise food security, provide clean air and water and ensure biodiversity protection. But that is up to us!

With many other elections across the world happening against the backdrop of increased global tensions this year, it is fundamental that our voices are heard.
When and how can I vote?
The elections will be held 6-9th of June 2024. But heads up, voting in every country is different. Make sure you're informed on which day, where, and how you cast your vote. Follow this link to find out exactly that.
Which parties align with our priorities?
In June, citizens will have the opportunity to evaluate their representatives' performance in the European Parliament over the past term and push for greater ambition in future legislative efforts. To aid this process BirdLife EuropeWWF EuropeClimate Action Network Europe, European Environmental Bureau, Transport and Environment have analysed the voting records of MEPs from the last five years. The analysis results in an interactive EU Parliament Scoreboard, which rates individual MEPs, political groups, and national parties based on their voting performance on environmental issues. Take a look here.
EU Elections 101 Infographic from Ohana
The EU Elections are fast approaching, and it’s perfectly normal to have a lot of questions if you’re not familiar with exactly how these elections work. This is why Ohana has created a handy infographic that gives you everything you need to know about the EU Elections in one place. Click here to see the full infographic.

As citizens, we elect its members directly, shaping the bloc's direction every five years. POW advocates for a European Union that prioritises our climate, environment and economic well-being, fostering resilience and competitiveness. Upholding POW’s principle of action over apathy entails voting for leaders who support democracy, justice, and climate leadership at national, European and global levels.

Our four manifesto demands:


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