Increasing funding for restoration measures, and ensuring Europe reaches its 30 by 30 target. To increase food security, reduce the impact of extreme weather events, help to secure clean water, reduce strain on public health systems, and support local economies across the EU, a focus must be placed on climate change mitigation through the protection and restoration of natural ecosystems. To adequately respond to the biodiversity crisis the EU must:

  • Ensure the final adoption of the Nature Restoration Law (NRL) before the 2024 MEP elections.
  • Uphold the target of protecting 30% of EU land and sea, as outlined in the 2030 biodiversity strategy through targeted protection of Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA’s).
  • Establish significant finance flows for large-scale nature restoration which will increase the resilience and health of Europe’s natural carbon sinks, protect biodiversity and help to mitigate, and adapt to, climate change effects.
  • Ensure carbon removals from these natural sinks are counted as supplementary to emissions reduction efforts in other sectors and not employed as offsets.
  • Implement scientifically valid targets for restoring EU forest ecosystems, applicable to all forest types.
    Implement evidence-based and legally binding targets for restoring biodiversity which are adaptable from global to local levels.
  • Ensure environmental reporting for businesses moves beyond voluntary actions, large corporations must be mandated to disclose their risks, impacts and dependencies on nature and the environment.

Our four manifesto demands:

Support a green energy transitionEnding fossil fuel subsidies and incentivising renewables.

Improve and promote low-carbon mobilityFocussing on rail as the primary mode of international transport for EU citizens.

Accelerate biodiversity restoration and the protection of wild placesIncreasing funding for restoration measures, and ensuring Europe reaches its target.

End unsustainable business models and overconsumptionProviding climate legislation and financing which enables citizens to access products responsibly.


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