Focussing on rail as the primary mode of international transport for EU citizens. The EU must enhance, promote, and facilitate low-carbon transport options ensuring their affordability and attractiveness to all citizens. While we welcome the trajectory for zero CO² emissions from new cars by 2035 set by the European Commission, we urge the new mandate to prioritise alternatives to private transport through the following measures:

  • Implement the “polluter pays principle” and integrate it across all transport policies, ensuring a socially just taxation of environmentally harmful fuels.
  • Ring fence taxes in the transport sector and channel taxes generated from environmentally harmful fuels into the transport sector, making rail and bus travel economically feasible and appealing for all.
  • Establish medium to long-term policies that prioritise rail over aviation as the primary mode of long-distance travel for all EU citizens. This can be achieved through investment in reliable and competitive connections. Policy reviews should explore innovative solutions such as reducing or removing VAT from international train tickets.
  • Support rail networks with substantial investment in resolving bottlenecks experienced by local, national, and international rail travellers. Focus on improving existing structures and creating additional international corridors.

Our four manifesto demands:

Support a green energy transitionEnding fossil fuel subsidies and incentivising renewables.

Improve and promote low-carbon mobilityFocussing on rail as the primary mode of international transport for EU citizens.

Accelerate biodiversity restoration and the protection of wild placesIncreasing funding for restoration measures, and ensuring Europe reaches its target.

End unsustainable business models and overconsumptionProviding climate legislation and financing which enables citizens to access products responsibly.


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